Thursday, April 5, 2007



Is God more important or is Guru more important? Guru may be the person who tells you the way to reach God .Guru may be the person who helps you understand about the God. Guru may be the person who teaches you how to worship God. But, should this make Guru more important than God?

If Guru guides you, if God teaches you , if Guru shows you the right path, should Guru be treated as a GODMAN? Should he be treated as an Avataar ? Should you surrender yourself to a Guru and stop using your own reason ,conscience and judgement in solving your day to day problems? Can a person or a human being guide you in a better way than God who guides you or inspires you from within.

Guru is afterall a human being with little more knowledge than you have .And a human being will always remain a human being & God will always remain God. No human being on this earth can be free of weaknesses , faults & imperfections.

On the other hand, God is Omnipresent & Formless. God neighter takes birth nor dies . God is Ageless & infinite in respect of time & space. God is beginningless & endless.A Guru ,however ,takes birth, becomes old & dies. He cannot be present in whole of this gigantic universe.

God is Pious , Positive, just & kind. God has bestowed us with infinite resources. And , you cannot expect any favouritism from God.However, being a Human, Guru is bound to have negative thoughts some time or the other during his lifetime.

God is the owner of all the living & non living assets of this universe.God is the basis of all that is pervading in this universe..God is the ultimate source of knowledge. As Guru may be considered as one of our living Assets, God is the ultimate owner of the Guru as well.

God is fearless, Omnipotent & creator of this universe while Guru may have some fears inside him.Yes Guru may also help God create a better world.

So, it may be concluded that if your Guru is not misguiding you, then he must be given more respect than a normal person . You should always seek the blessings of the true Guru & try to gain as much knowledge as possible from the Guru. You should also serve the Guru as much as possible ,so that he is encouraged to do selfless service for the entire mankind.

However, always keep in mind that God & not Guru is the ultimate source of ‘bliss’ which you can experience during the state of meditation . To experience the blissfull state , go in the state of deep Meditation and mentally repeat the true characteristics of God & you start experiencing the “bliss” of union of your soul with God.

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